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Written by Admin KRVR   
Thursday, 02 October 2008

The Kern River Valley Art Association has a long history operating as a private non-profit since 1962. The association has begun on a process to assist us to develop a five-year plan to guide future administrations. We encourage all those interested in the arts to participate in this process.

Five Year Strategic Planning Process

I am pleased to announce progress in our efforts. Our call to artists to host forums was well received and the forums will be scheduled in March and April. We urge you to attend as many as you can and give us your thoughts, hope and dreams. The exact dates will be announced in the KRV Art Association March newsletter and will be posted here.

We are speaking to the Arts Council of Kern about some support for this process. Jill Egland, Special Projects person with Arts Council of Kern has offered to help us with the process. We will need to cover her expenses and expect that will be about $5,000.00 in direct costs over the next 4 months of work. She will act as a facilitator and keep accurate records of your recommendations. Jill has excellent skills and qualifications to produce a quality report from all of the information that we will use for many years. We have sought grant funding for this but to no avail. Grant funding is very tight these days, so if you are or may know someone you know wishes to make a tax deductible contribution to this effort, it is good investment in the future of art, education of our youth and our community well being.

The forum: Public Art will be hosted by Judy Deems in Weldon:  At this session we will determine how Public Art can play in our community. How can we get there, are there local artists that can provide that art locally. Is there a group that can facilitate the future of this concept?

The forum: Art Education: Meeting will be at Jaye Lynn’s house in Lake Isabella. Is there a role that we as artist can play in supporting the education of art in our community? Some of the subjects are art for youth, art for seniors, art for aspiring artists.

The forum: KRV Art Association Membership will be hosted in Kernville by Jeanette Rogers:  We have seen a dwindling membership and our retention has a lot to do with the aging population. They’re a few young people joining but far to few to make up for our losses. There is a challenge in gaining people who want to take a leadership role. Is there a way to expand the membership to businesses? Does the association have a role in something beyond the visual arts?

The forum: Art Shows will be hosted Sherry Gaskin at Something Good in Lake Isabella. We will discuss the future of community based Art Programs. Our art shows have lost the luster and quality and almost every one agrees that we need to make stride to bring up the quality to a higher standard. What methods can we employ and who has a passion for getting our organizational goals implemented in this area.

The forum: Art Park will be hosted by Emily Diggles in Bodfish, to discuss the design of the park and define a program of events that might be appropriate to the park. Work with the planning of the park through to completion of the designs.

Brian Storming Forums

It was felt that the Art Center location in Isabella should be broadened to several locations throughout the valley,

We will have a fire going in the fire pit and plenty of somemores and hot chocolate at the Art Park in Isabella (No alcohol please!). Another forum will be at Charles Toppings home in Kernville, We hope to offer a forum in the Weldon area and another at an additional location to be determined. Call me if you want to host a forum. These will be open discussions about anything to do with art.

Nominating Committee

We are forming a committee that will serve as a Nominating Committee. We have the following open positions: President, Second Vice President (Programs Chair), Secretary, and Treasurer. The first vice president is Judy Deems, who has a one-year term remaining. The president appoints publicity, historian, newsletter and parliamentarian. Those interesting in serving can call Shirley Davis at (760) 379-2844 or Pat Seamount at (760) 379-8516.

We are planning a show of oils and acrylics in April or May that will host selected artist at the Odd Fellows Hall in Kernville. All interested call me

This your association since 1962 a very long history. We have great hope for the future

Jim Davis, president, KRV Art Association (760) 379-2844
Kern River Valley Art Association
PO Box 588
Kernville, CA  93238-0588


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Hi All,


I was amazed at how much valuable information Jeanette Richardson and Carlin Jones (CJ), presented in their "Marketing your Art" workshop on July 9, at the Youth Center in Lake Isabella.  Inasmuch as more and more people, especially shoppers under 30, now prefer shopping on line, CJ, the Art Council computer guru, presented us with a plethora of information about web pages, Facebook, Plaxo and other networking sites on line.  I couldn't wait to get home and start my new web page, which I did.  The next day Jim went down to the Art Council office where CJ guided him through setting up a web page for our association, which I have been tweaking and feeding information.  I am excited to announce that The Kern River Valley Art Association now has a Web Site.  Log on to www.krvaa.org and see for yourselves.  I am still in the process of adding information and photos.  When you visit the site, check out the "minutes", "board of directors", and "calendar".


You can help get information on the web page by e-mailing me at Shirley Davis This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with information.  I would like to begin with photos and bios of each of our members and a link to member web pages.  Members will be added for free.  Please send me a photo of you and two or three photos of your favorite artistic creations as well as a short bio.  You can e-mail the information to me or send a cd through the mail.  Also, If you have any photos of past events I would love to post them on our web page too.


I have also developed a web page for Jim and me.  It will be accessible by the end of the week.  I am waiting for a transfer of our domain name that I had previously filed with Yahoo.  This takes a little time.  I look forward to sharing our page with you.  When we get our domain name transferred I will provide a link on the krvaa site. 


New Meeting Site: Jan and Andrea at the KRV Youth Center have graciously offered to let us use the Youth Center Building for future meetings for $15 per meeting.  The County’s Kern River Veterans/Senior Building is now limiting their hours, to day time, week days.  We are seriously considering moving the meetings to the KRV Youth Center.


We have quite a few members who have volunteered to conduct all-day workshops at their home studios for other members.  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it will conduct a workshop on hand-built clay containers, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it is conducting a mask workshop in August.   I will conduct a jewelry workshop in October.  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it will conduct a pine-needle basket workshop in November. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it is also considering a workshop in August before he closes his business.


Shirley Davis
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
(760) 379-2844

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