facilitating the social, natural, and financial health of the Kern River Valley for this and future generations.
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KRVR MISSION: facilitating the social, natural, and financial health of the Kern River Valley for this and future generations.

Purpose  - Kern River Valley Revitalization, Inc. (KRVR) is an umbrella group organized for the purpose of revitalizing the economic base, and creating sustainable economic growth consistent with the rural character and healthy environment of the Kern River Valley (KRV). KRVR will achieve its purpose by operating as a resource for existing and future organizations/agencies/projects, providing a Valleywide perspective, fostering Valleywide cooperation on common issues, assisting with access to external resources including funding, facilitating the establishment of action teams, acting as a fiscal agent and through various similar means.

Vision for the Future
  - Our vision for the Kern River Valley’s future is to preserve the Valley’s attributes and improve those areas that need help so as to maintain that quality of life which is vital to the community, while attracting and sustaining a diverse business/economic base. We wish to continue to attract those families whose ideal is to live in a rural, natural, family-oriented community, which is environmentally healthy and provides strong educational and healthcare systems. Our desire is to build-up our local businesses to better serve the residents of the Kern River Valley, to provide additional job opportunities by (1) selectively increasing recreation and tourism activities which take advantage of the Valley’s unique characteristics without negatively impacting the quality of life and (2) attracting small business/manufacturers whose major source of revenue comes from outside the Valley and whose operations are compatible with the Valley’s attributes. The Kern River Valley has a lot to offer both residents and visitors, but our greatest task is to attract and maintain a prosperous business base, which is both diversified and sustainable. Change is inevitable; we choose to be proactive in directing that change in a positive way toward achieving our goals.

Organization  - KRVR is open to any community minded individual that has an interest in strengthening the local economy while maintaining the wholesome quality of life which the Valley now enjoys. All are volunteers and represent a broad range of interests within the community, including business, education, ecology, utilities, clergy, local government, non-profits, and citizens (both working & retirees). Often with the assistance of KRVR, the community identifies issues and forms action teams (or committees) to address these issues. These action teams, along with the Chambers and other Valley organizations, are the operating entities that get the work done. The KRVR Steering Committee, composed of individuals representing a broad range of constituencies from the KRV, helps these entities accomplish their objectives through technical assistance, funds source identification, acting as a fiscal agent and as an information supplier. The KRVR Board of Directors, with the advice of the Steering Committee, determines policy for carrying out KRVR’s mission, develops goals and objectives, manages its programs and projects, and is responsible for governing KRVR. The KRVR Executive Committee acts on behalf of the Board, and members of the committee handle the administrative responsibilities inherent to a non-profit organization.

KRVR document created June 2006

MEETINGS KRVR's monthly Community Meetings are OPEN to the public.
These meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month.


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