facilitating the social, natural, and financial health of the Kern River Valley for this and future generations.
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What does KRVR have to do with Living Green & Where does the $ go? - 2010/03/28 08:09 What does KRVR have to do with Living Green & Where does the $ go?(updated 3-28-2010)

Kern River Valley Revitalization (known as ‘KRVR’) is the all volunteer group behind putting on the 2010 Living Green Kern River Valley Festival. Its board provides oversight, liability insurance and serves as a ‘fiscal agent’ for festival, making it a lot easier for the more than 50 people working on this year’s festival. No one is paid, but there are many costs involved in putting on a festival of this size: Liability Insurance, advertising, banners, signs, venue rental fees, films, books, paper and other office supplies (like ink & toner cartridges), food, awards to kids, cost of making bottles, even cost of having tables at other events. KRVR values the many donations valley residents make to bring about the festival and assures that funds are handled in a responsible, conscientious way. If the budget is met, KRVR gets a modest ‘fiscal agent fee’ and remaining money goes to start the next festival.

In putting on this event for the 1st time in March 2009, KRVR wanted to:
  • Add a March Event to the KRV Calendar, both for residents and attracting visitors, supporting local businesses and organizations;

  • Be welcoming & inclusive: Involve many groups, people and ages – all walks of life & income levels;

  • Educate, not dictate: Help people understand the concepts behind ‘living green,’ sustainable development & living. Give them easy lifestyle options, not orders;

  • Simplify, not complicate: Not overdo it, ‘keep it simple’;

  • Encourage KRV residents to Think Local First in terms of shopping, services and charitable contributions as well as encourage business cooperation to promote the Think Local First program & in stocking ‘GREEN’ items for KRV residents to buy locally.

KRVR’s mission is to “facilitate the social, natural, and financial health of the Kern River Valley for this and future generations.

Kern River Valley Revitalization was founded in 1994 as an umbrella group organized for the purpose of revitalizing the economic base, and creating sustainable economic growth consistent with the rural character and healthy environment of the Kern River Valley. KRVR will achieve its purpose by operating as a resource for existing and future organizations/agencies/projects, providing a valley-wide perspective, fostering valley-wide cooperation on common issues, assisting with access to external resources including funding, facilitating the establishment of action teams, acting as a fiscal agent and through various similar means.

KRVR’s vision for the Kern River Valley’s future is to preserve the Valley’s attributes and improve those areas that need help so as to maintain that quality of life which is vital to the community, while attracting and sustaining a diverse business/economic base.

KRVR is not a membership organization – there are no dues. KRVR’s Monthly Community Meetings are open to any community minded individual that has an interest in strengthening the local economy while maintaining the wholesome quality of life which the Valley now enjoys. These are held from 9am to 11:30am on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Kernville Community Room (next to the Kernville Chamber offices).

The KRVR Board are volunteers representing a broad range of interests within the community, including business, education, ecology, utilities, clergy, local government, non-profits, and citizens (both working & retirees). Often with the assistance of KRVR, the community identifies issues and forms action teams (or committees) to address these issues, such as the recent Fish Stocking Issue. These action teams, along with the Chambers and other Valley organizations, are the operating entities that get the work done.

There is a lot more information about KRVR on its website www.KRVR.org which is a great community resource. KRVR also sends out a weekly KRVR UPDATE E-mail, apprising many about key meetings, deadlines and announcements. To get on the e-mail list, e-mail eworinkrv@mchsi.com

If you are interested in KRVR, contact KRVR President Joe Ciriello, who runs Golden State Surplus in Lake Isabella (760) 379-8614 krv-rev@earthlink.net.
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