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KV Sun 6-6-2012: ALL VALLEY SATELLITES OFFERS LATEST IN TECHNOLOGY - 2012/06/08 15:44 SOURCE: http://kvsun.com/articles/2012/06/08/kv_life/people/doc4fce93f22ff67424996088.txtKV Sun 6-6-2012:

George Stahl/Special to the Sun

Diane Wilson of Mt. Mesa opened All Valley Satellites with her mother, sister and brother-in-law in 2005. They began by bringing Dish Network to the Kern River Valley those seven years ago. Not too long after that, the four of them introduced the internet carrier Wild Blue to residents, giving the Valley its first alternative to the snail paced dial-up means of accessing their internet data. That service became available in 2006.

As life often does, changes came in Wilson’s life. Her mother has since passed away and her sister and her husband have moved to Nevada to be close to their children and grandchildren. Wilson’s business was forced to change. Today, she employs five local residents including three installers and two office staff.

ViaSat was supposed to launch its new ViaSat 1 Satellite in time to have the service available by last summer, but due to delays in the process, the Proton rocket carrying the system did not get off the ground until October 2011. The purpose was to introduce a product called Exede http://www.exede.com/. The new satellite broadband would revolutionize the way people, on a personal level and business level, sent and received computer data across the country and around the world. It was advertised as ‘Satellite Broadband beyond your wildest expectations.’

Wilson and All Valley Satellites saw this as an opportunity to bring this ground breaking technology to the KRV. As soon as Wilson heard about the new service and the launch of the satellite, she began a campaign to make it available to her customers. ViaSat is the same company who carries WildBlue, so as an incentive to use the new product, Wilson started to compile a waiting list of clients who would change over to Exede. The list soon had over 100 people on it. In January, All Valley Satellites was given the go ahead to connect her customers to ViaSat 1.

“It’s faster than anything the Valley has had to this date,” Wilson said. “I believe it’ll be a long time before we see anything faster,” she said excited about the product. According to Wilson, customers who have come in to see a demonstration of the speed and accuracy of Excede have equally as excited about it. The system offers a 12 mbps (megabytes per second) download with up to 3mbps upload capacity. The plans available vary according to the customers’ needs. The simplest is a 7.5 GB per month basic package, which according to Wilson is National Average for most personal computer users. “One of the best advantages for people to use Exede is the way people can view videos on U-Tube. They can access the videos without any of those annoying breaks or jittery movements that happen on some other services,” Wilson said.

There was a word of caution, however. Wilson candidly stated that if you are a big gamer, this system may not be the best thing for them. It is still not possible to enjoy interactive online gaming. Other online games will be fine, but "fast-twitch" online gamers may experience frustration. It will still perform exceptionally for all of their other needs, but Exede could make the links on the games pass more quickly.

Wilson is offering three plans currently. The step up from the 7.5GB starter plan is designed for people who spend more time than the average user on the internet, which offers customers almost double the gigabytes. The third is designed for businesses or people who run a business from their homes. The plan gives the customer a 25GB per month capacity and is capable of sending and receiving credit card data.

“With this selection there is something that will fit the needs of everyone. We are now even offering $100 off on installation for a limited time only,” Wilson said confidently.

All Valley Satellites’ next step? “We are in the application process now to become the Valley’s only self-installing Direct T.V. dealer. We should be able to begin the service later this summer,” Wilson said. “No matter which of our products you choose, a guarantee with all of them is a great experience and customer service with a smile,” she added.

To find out more about Exede and the other services at All Valley Satellites, call (760) 379-3474 and ask for Diane.

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