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Less regulation and more education - 2007/04/24 19:19 Why is it that the first thing everyone wants to do is pass an ordinance to restrict what people can do on their own property?

Education and social pressure are far more effective and less apt to alienate the property owners in this community.

Instead of putting more power in the hands of the government bureaucracy, why not try to educate our neighbors and the entire community on the damage lighting can do to our night sky. Suggesting lighting alternatives and encouraging their use through newspaper articles and local organizations is a much better alternative then just another regulation.

Having driven around the community at night, I can say that the worst offender isn't your average homeowner but the high school during sporting events. Why not start by having local businesses or individuals that are concerned donate to improve the lighting there. The attention received by such a change would go a long way toward educating the community and promoting widespread change.
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