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KRV Think Local First program
Water-wise, Fire-wise &/or Native Planting Resources
Websites providing plant & landscaping information for Kern River Valley residents. Fire-wise landscaping & plant information moved to the category: Fire Information for KRV Residents.
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  Link   The American Fern Society
Established in 1893 to fostering interest in ferns & fern allies. Encourages the exchange of information, spores & specimens via this website & the Fiddlehead Forum newsletter. Hosts "Fern Forays" field trips into the woods every August.
  Link   Audubon Kern River Preserve Restoration Resources
Providing resources that can lead to more effective native restoration efforts on your own property and in your own communities. Includes reference books & an extensive list of California Native Plant nurseries on-line.
  Link   Backyard Nature
Options for healthful living with organic foods, organic landscaping, organic farming & organic products for babies, kids & adults.
  Link   Bakersfield Cactus & Succulent Society
To foster an understanding of cultivating cactus & other succulent plants through the sharing experiences, guest lectures, field trips & shows.
  Link   Beyond Pesticides
The organization’s primary goal is to effect change through local action, assisting individuals & community-based organizations to stimulate discussion on the hazards of toxic pesticides, while providing information on safer alternatives.
  Link   Blue Oak information
  Link   Blue Oak - the native range of blue oak map
  Link   Calflora
Provides information on wild California plants for conservation, education & appreciation. Search for species by their characteristics (County, elevation, native/non-native, plant community, trees, shrubs & etc.)
  Link   Calflora’s What Grows Here?
An easy & intuitive way to find a list of plants that grow in an area by Town, Zip Code, County, Watershed, Place Name, USGS Quad & etc.. Results are displayed in a list (with or without photos) & as points on a relief map.
  Link   California Academy of Sciences California Wildflowers
  Link   California Botanical Society
Founded by Willis Linn Jepson in 1915, the Society has published the peer-reviewed, scientific journal Madrońo, the leading source of research articles on the natural history of western American botanical organisms.
  Link   California Horticultural Invasives Prevention (Cal-HIP)
Invasive plants displace native plants & wildlife, increase wildfire & flood danger, consume valuable water. Cal-IPC works with land managers, researchers, concerned citizens & policy makers to protect the state from invasive plants.
  Link   California Native Plant Blog
Blog written & maintained by an advocate for widespread use & preservation of native plants throughout California. A resource for anyone in Southern California interested in protecting our precious water supply, creating habitat & living sustainably.
  Link   California Garden & Landscape History Society
Dedicated to celebrating the beauty & diversity of California gardens & cultural landscapes. Programs include regional conferences, lectures, tours & an Annual Meeting. Publication: Eden: The Journal of the Calif. Garden & Landscape History Society.
  Link   California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC)
Mission is to protect California wildlands from invasive plants through restoration, research & education. Cal-IPC works closely with agencies, industry & other nonprofit organizations to support research, restoration work & public education.
  Link   California Native Plant Society
Statewide non-profit organization of amateurs & professionals with a common interest in California's native plants.
  Link   California Native Plant Society, Kern County Chapter
Dedicated to the Preservation of California Native Flora
  Link   California Native Plant Link Exchange
Links to websites with information about California native plants, indexed by scientific name; providing information about growing the plant & nurseries selling native plants. 60+ nurseries with more than 1900 available species.
  Link   California Oak Foundation
Founded in 1988, non-profit educational organization committed to preserving the state's oak forest ecosystem & its rural landscapes.
  Link   California Rare Fruit Growers
Largest amateur fruit-growing organization. Its membership includes botanical gardens & noted international horticultural researchers, as well as hobbyists, commercial growers & representatives from institutions of higher learning.
  Link   CalPhotos: Plants
This form accesses 87,965 (at last count) images of plants. A variety of organizations & individuals have contributed photographs to CalPhotos.
  Link   California Wildflower Hotsheet
  Link   Ceanothus home page
The web's only complete treatment of the genus Ceanothus; set up & is maintained by Dr. Clifford Schmidt, Emeritus Professor of Biology at San Jose St. Univ. & also a Courtesy Professor in the Dept. of Botany & Plant Pathology at Oregon St. Univ.
  Link   Center for Plant Conservation
Mission: to conserve & restore the rare native plants of the U.S. The Center's goal is to protect the most imperiled plants from extinction & restore them to secure habitats in cooperation with multiple conservation agencies & organizations.
  Link   Eat the Weeds
There is such a thing as a free lunch, or almost free: The edible wild plants around you. With a little specialized knowledge & a guidance system you can learn to spot edible plants where you live.
  Link   El Nativo Growers
Wholesale nursery in Asuza, CA, offering 600+ California natives, Australian & Mediterranean natives also including grasses, rushes, reeds, & sedges. Website includes helpful plant fact sheets, suitability lists & photo gallery.
  Link   Encycloweedia
The California Department of Food & Agriculture created & supports this site as a resource for public use. UC Davis organized the information in the sheets. Includes notes on identification, biology & management of noxious weeds.
  Link   Federal Native Plant Conservation Committee
This site lists over 200 conservation, natural resource, wildflower & environmental organizations & government agencies.
  Link   Flora of the Kern River Preserve
Plant Checklist with thumbnail photos for the Kern River Preserve, list includes plant origins of 303+ species that have been recorded growing on the Kern River Preserve, reflecting the amazing diversity of the Kern River Watershed.
  Link   Forage Ahead Yahoo Group
Forage Ahead e-mail group will discuss wild edible plants, animals, mushrooms; including identification, recipes, cooking methods, folklore, wilderness living, wilderness survival etc..
  Link   Freedom Gardens
Online social community of gardening enthusiasts. Gardeners of all types of gardens are welcomed. From the acreage farmer to the apartment windowsill herb cultivator - from the classroom gardens, to community gardens.
  Link   Gardening with Natives Yahoo Group
This forum is particularly welcoming of those new to native plant gardening. This is a forum for communication, for asking questions & for providing helpful answers. Members come from all backgrounds, from beginners to experts.
  Link   Goathead/Puncture Vine Eradication Tips
Puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris L. from the Zygophyllaceae or Caltrop family) is also known as Goathead. It often causes flats in vehicle, bicycle & garden equipment tires as well as painfully afflicting the feet of humans & pets.
  Link   Growing Native
Information about specific native CA plants, landscaping & plant care, gardening & tips on plant ecology.
  Link   Guide to the Plant Communities of California
Grouped under 3 generalized types: Desert, Seaside, Grassland & Marsh Communities; Woodlands & Scrublands; Coniferous Forests. Generalized reference to soils & animals. A compromise between beginner & expert levels of knowledge.
  Link   Home Propagation of Garden & Landscape Plants
4-page guide to propagating new plants from ones you already have.
  Link   International Bulb Society
The only international, non-profit, educational & scientific organization devoted to the dissemination of information on the growing, conservation and botany of all geophytic plants (commonly referred to as "bulbs").
  Link   Internet Directory for Botany
An index to botanical information available on the Internet. It consists of two parts, an alphabetical directory and a categorical directory.
  Link   Jepson Online Interchange for California Floristics
Information on identification, taxonomy, distribution, ecology, relationships & diversity of CA plants. The professional resources of the Jepson Herbarium assures high quality editorial review of all scientific content.
  Link   J. L. Hudson, Seedsman
A Public Access Seed Bank established in 1911. Most packets = $2. The botanical name of each species is followed by a 2-letter code which indicates the min. # of seeds in the packet, followed by the average germination rate. inquiry@jlhudsonseeds.net
  Link   Kern River Valley Garden Group
KRV gardeners interested in promoting the use of low water, fire-safe & native plants. Propagation of difficult to find commercially available KRV native plants is a special interest of this group. Monthly meetings at private homes & gardens.
  Link   Lake Isabella Boulevard Improvement Project illustrated plant list
Text & photos (21 pages in a PDF file) showing the plants that were used with photos & information on each of them.
  Link   Lake Isabella Boulevard Improvement Project construction drawing
A page from the Lake Isabella Boulevard Improvement Project construction drawings showing how the trees were planted.
  Link   Managing Pests: Biological Control & Natural Enemies
Biological control is the beneficial action of predators, parasites, pathogens & competitors (natural enemies) in controlling pests & their damage. Natural enemies can control certain rangeland & wildland weeds.
  Link   Master Gardeners Online
University of California Cooperative Extension Office’s “Master Gardeners Program,” providing advice to the California home gardener.
  Link   Medicinal Plant Working Group
MPWG networks with other plant-related groups to organize a variety of medicinal plant conservation projects. If you would like to be involved, visit this site!
  Link   Mountain Valley Growers
Mail order only nursery in Squaw Valley, CA about 140 N of the KRV. USDA Certified Organic herbs & perennials including many sages, lavenders, butterfly bushes, hollyhocks, rockroses & yarrow (currently offering 234 plants for sale by mail order).
  Link   MWD's The Garden Spot
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California website with information on California Friendly Gardening Guide;, Water wise Landscaping, Fire Resistant California Friendly Plants & other Garden Resources.
  Link   National Arbor Day Foundation
Works to make tree planting & care something in which nearly everyone can be involved through mass-media communications, by providing low-cost trees for planting & by producing educational materials supporting tree conservation & education projects.
  Link   Native American Ethnobotany
A Database of Foods, Drugs, Dyes and Fibers of Native American Peoples, Derived from Plants.
  Link   Native & Introduced Plants of Southern California
Master List of Southern California species & where to find them.
  Link   Native Plant Source & Information (Las Pilitas Nursery)
Las Pilitas nursery maintains an exceptional website. 5,000+ pages include garden & landscaping ideas for a hummingbird, wildlife, butterfly, or bird garden as well as information about California native plants.
  Link   Native Seeds/SEARCH
The mission of Native Seeds/SEARCH is to conserve, distribute, and document the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwest and Northwest Mexico.
  Link   The New Farm
An electronic magazine covering the successes & challenges of organic & sustainable farming. Expert resources for crop & livestock production, direct marketing, local food systems, policy campaigns & community-building collaborations.
  Link   Nifty-50 Plants for California-Friendly Landscapes
  Link   Nifty-50 Plants for California-Friendly Landscapes ILLUSTRATED
  Link   Penstemon Website
  Link   Penstemon Yahoo Group
A mailing list for those wishing to grow & enjoy all varieties of Penstemon, especially wild natives of the U.S.
  Link   Plant Database - Mountain States Wholesale Nursery
This information is for everyone to use to promote dissemination of what the Mountain States Wholesale Nursery believes to be correct.
  Link   PlantRight
Voluntary, proactive program to prevent invasive plant introductions. Designed by the California Horticultural Invasives Prevention (Cal-HIP) partnership to communicate the need to transition away from invasive plants in gardening & landscaping.
  Link   Plants That Thrive in Eastern Sierra Gardens
These plants will minimize garden maintenance, water use and fire danger, and provide a beautiful home landscape that complements the scenic surroundings of the Eastern Sierra.
  Link   Poisonous Plant Guide
Use this Poisonous Plant Guide to find out if a plant is poisonous (all plants, native plants, cultivated plants or house plants). You can search by keyword or display by plant times to find the plant in question.
  Link   Safety Source for Pest Management
Companies listed have completed a pesticides survey & indicated that they use 1+ practices &/or materials categorized as "non-toxic" or "least-toxic." Companies’ responses are included in their own words so that you can see them for yourself.
  Link   Salvia-Pix Yahoo Group
Salvia-pix is a place to post visuals of Salvia and their relatives to accompany discussion on Salvia@yahoogroups.com. Due to unwanted spam, only members of the big Salvia list will be eligible to join the pix list.
  Link   Salvia Yahoo Group
This is a mailing list devoted to the discussion of Salvias (Sages) & related species, growing, propagating, identifying, sharing, trading, selling & most of all, enjoying Salvia as garden specimens with over 900 species world wide.
  Link   Seeds Trust
Vegetable, wild flower, native grass & herb seeds for a sustainable future. 24 year old family operation dedicated to delicious home gardens, stunning native landscapes and saving seeds.
  Link   Seed Hunt
California gardener offers a variety of seeds, most of them uncommon & collected in her own garden. Many California natives, salvias, & other plants. seedhunt@cruzio.com (831) 728-5131.
  Link   Sierra Nevada Yard & Garden Guide
A homeowner’s guide to landscaping in the Sierra. First of its kind guide helps homeowners create wildfire defensible space and a beautiful Sierra friendly yard and garden. Download it for free. [164 page, 18 mb PDF file]
  Link   Sierra Wildflowers
Work is underway to produce a new photographic guidebook to the wildflowers & flowering shrubs of the Sierra Nevada. It will illustrate 500-600 species with color photographs & will cover the entire range including the foothills.
  Link   Southern California Botanists
Nonprofit organization of individuals devoted to the study, preservation & conservation of the native plants & plant communities of Southern California. Publications contains articles, notices of field trips, symposia & other events of interest.
  Link   Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants
Mission: to promote & restore California landscapes & habitats; to propagate & make available California native plants & wildflowers; to educate & acquire knowledge about California flora & natural history.
  Link   Trees of Kern County
This list has 127 species/subspecies listed, 80 native species, 22 subspecies, and 26 exotic.
  Link   Tree of Life Nursery
The largest wholesale native plant supplier in the state, provides a means by which California's precious flora can return to the land. Website has many links to a lot of useful information on ecological restoration, habitat enhancement & landscaping
  Link   United Plant Savers
Mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States & Canada & their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.
  Link   UC Cooperative Extension – Kern County
  Link   UC Davis Weeds Management webportal
How to Manage Weed Pests in Gardens and Landscapes
  Link   UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR)
Conducts agricultural research; study nutrition & educate the public about eating wisely. Protects & studies vast wildlands, finding ways to conserve natural resources & advise landowners who are managing so much of California's open spaces.
  Link   UC Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program
Established in 1986 to maintain & where possible, increase acreage of California's hardwood range resources to provide wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, wood & livestock products, high quality water supply & aesthetic value.
  Link   USDA PLANTS Database
Provides standardized information about plants of the U.S., including names, plant symbols, checklists, distributional data, species abstracts, characteristics, images, crop information, automated tools, onward Web links, & references.
  Link   Water-Wise Resource Links
  Link   Weed Photo Gallery
The UC IPM Weed Photo Gallery includes many, but not all, weed species commonly found in California farms and landscapes. Additional species will be added over time. Weed listed by scientific name, family name or weeds in turf.
  Link   Western Weed Listing
Click on a letter (A, B, C, etc.) to view a page containing thumbnail images of weeds whose name begins with that letter. Each thumbnail also has a link to a page giving more detailed information on each weed.
  Link   WEED: Puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris) aka Goathead or Caltrop
Invasive Summer annual from Europe found widely in California. Its success is due to its ability to thrive in hot & dry. Puncturevine seeds are in a hard thorny case that can hurt livestock, people & pets & even puncture bicycle tires.
  Link   WEED: Sahara mustard (Brassica tournefortii)
Native to N Africa, the Middle East & southern Europe, it has spread to the SW United States, including the Kern River Valley. This drought-tolerant invasive weed threatens native vegetation by using soil moisture & nutrients needed by native plants.
  Link   WEED TREE: Chinese Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima)
A fast growing invasive tree, a prolific seed producer, a persistent stump & root sprouter & an aggressive competitor with respect to the surrounding vegetation. Introduced to Calif. by Chinese during the Gold Rush post 1849.
  Link   What to do after your hillside has burned to control erosion
Seeding grasses actually causes more erosion & can allow fire next year that was worse than the 1st. If the weeds germinate before or at the same time as wildflowers, wildflowers will fail & you'll have a weedy mess that can burn the next dry season.
  Link   Wild Edible Plants
Learning Nature through wild edible plants & Ethnobotany.
  Link   White Forest Nursery
General purpose nursery with a large variety of plants at 300 Morning Drive, Bakersfield (661) 366-6291.
  Link   Wildflower Hotline
Annual Wildflower Hotline, brought to you by the Theodore Payne Foundation, a non-profit nursery, seed source, bookstore and education center dedicated to the preservation of wildflowers and California native plants.
  Link   Wildflowers & Other Plants of Southern California
Contains photographs of 2,000+ native & introduced Southern California plants. This represents about 55% of all the flora of Southern California & new species are being added more or less continuously. Website maintained by Michael L. Charters.
  Link   Wildflowers of Central California
  Link   Wildscaping
A site dedicated to helping fellow gardeners in Southern California learn how to attract and nurture wildlife in their own yards.
  Link   Wildlife Gardeners
Promotes environmentally sound practices to preserve biodiversity by encouraging discussions of the preservation, restoration & establishment of native flora & fauna AND sustainable gardening practices.
  Link   Wild Food Plants
A clearinghouse of information & resources for wild food plants worldwide maintained by Sunny Savage, MS in Nutrition Education.
  Link   Xeriscape
Xeriscaping refers to the conservation of water through creative landscaping.
  Link   Yahoo Garden Group
A great place to find and share info on gardening including; perennials, annuals, small trees, shrubs, ground covers, evergreens, hedges, vegetables, container gardening & water gardening.
  Link   Yerba Buena Nursery
California's oldest retail nursery specializing in Native Plants & Ferns, selling 600+ varieties of plants native to CA. Website plant listing includes indication as to level of deer resistance, good with oaks, butterflies & hummingbirds, etc.
  Link   ZipcodeZoo - Plants
Using this master index to our plant info is one way to find things... but a more efficient way for you to find things is with the Search box at the top of any page. which allows you to search for scientific names, common names, or full text phrase.
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