facilitating the social, natural, and financial health of the Kern River Valley for this and future generations.
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KRV Think Local First program
Living Green, Responsibly & Sustainably
Living green means living/working in a way that has less of an environmental impact & conserves nature, resources. Sustainability means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The emphasis being on lifestyle practices and habits.
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  Link   2008 Kern County Recycling Guide
To get information about Kern County Waste Management Department recycling programs & facilities.
  Link   72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life
  Link   Abundant Harvest Organics
Alliance of small family farmers dedicated to growing organic produce & delivering at a fair price, with minimal packaging, directly to local consumers. Currently this on-line, year-round subscription service is delivered weekly to Bakersfield.
  Link   Alternatives for Simple Living
Non-profit organization for people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly & celebrate responsibly. Started in 1973 reacting to the commercialization of Christmas. Focus: encouraging celebrations reflecting conscientious ways of living.
  Link   AskNature.org
Library of nature’s best design ideas, organized by function & explained with illustrations & in language relevant to designers. Architects, designers & innovators can use this resource to study life’s approaches to sustainable design.
  Link   Ask Umbra
Astute advice on all things environmental. Grist.org columnist Umbra Fisk Q & A.
  Link   Awakening Earth
The website of Duane Elgin, author of “Voluntary Simplicity: Towards a Way of Life that is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich.” Contributing to a sustainable, compassionate & promising future for the human family.
  Link   Big Green Purse
Using Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World. Focus is on women because women spend 85¢ of every dollar in the marketplace.
  Link   Bioneers
Nonprofit organization founded in 1990 that promotes practical environmental solutions & innovative social strategies for restoring the Earth & communities.
  Link   Business for Social Responsibility
Nonprofit organization that helps member companies achieve commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities & the environment.
  Link   Carbonify
Carbonify aims to provide a directory, news and resources for individuals and businesses concerned about their impact on our environment.
  Link   California Climate Action Registry
Serves as a voluntary greenhouse gas registry to reduce emissions. Provides leadership on climate change by developing & promoting credible, accurate reporting standards & tools for organizations to measure, monitor, verify & reduce their emissions.
  Link   California’s Consumer Energy Center
A one-stop site on the Internet for the latest information about energy resources & how to use them wisely in our home, work & vehicles. Maintained by the California Energy Commission.
  Link   California Sustainable Business Council (CalSBC)
Statewide coalition of organizations working to promote & develop sustainable businesses. Goal: To develop a sustainable economy in California in which businesses align profitability with environmental & social responsibility.
  Link   Californians for Alternatives to Toxics
Mission is to enable the general public, particularly residents of northern California, to gain control over toxic chemicals, especially pesticides, within the environment.
  Link   Carnegie-Mellon Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment model
Provides rough guidance on the relative impacts of different types of products, materials, services, or industries with respect to resource use & emissions throughout the U.S.
  Link   Center for a New American Dream
Mission is to help Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life & promote social justice.
  Link   Climate Counts
A collaborative effort to bring consumers & companies together in the fight against global climate change. Business has the power to change the world & you have the power to change business.
  Link   CoolCalifornia.org carbon footprint calculator
Almost everything we do results in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mostly as carbon dioxide. This calculator that helps people evaluate their climate-related performance & to reduce their carbon footprints effectively.
  Link   Co-op America
Non-profit membership organization founded in 1982. Mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses & the marketplace—to create a socially just & environmentally sustainable society.
  Link   Daily Green
A consumer’s guide to the Green Revolution maintained by Hearst Magazines Digital Media.
  Link   Eartheasy
Ideas for environmentally sustainable living. Eartheasy strives to: help us reduce our impact on the earth's resources; help reduce our contribution to global warming; bring more simplicity to our lives; & to bring us closer to nature.
  Link   Earth911.com
Local information on recycling that empowers consumers to act locally, live responsibly & contribute to sustainability. Earth 911 centralizes information & resources into a single user-friendly, neutral & non-governmental network. 1-800-CLEANUP.
  Link   Earthwatch Institute Volunteer Expeditions
More than just ecotours or volunteer vacations. Teens to adults of all ages work with leading environmental researchers on critical issues: Biodiversity, Coral Reef Health, Indigenous Cultures, Sustainability, Habitat Loss & Climate Change.
  Link   ECO-Business Links
Green Directory - Since 1998 12,000+ Environmental Careers, Green Jobs Links
  Link   Environment California
Citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Combines independent research, practical ideas & tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests & win real results for California's environment.
  Link   EPA's Climate Change Site
Comprehensive information on the issue of climate change in a way that is accessible & meaningful to all parts of society – communities, individuals, business, states & localities, & governments.
  Link   EPA's Climate Change Site for Kids
Climate change information oriented to younger kids.
  Link   EPA's Climate Change Site for Schools
Students, educators & school administrators can all play a key role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here is a directory of some education & action planning resources to help.
  Link   Ethical Traveler
Grass-roots alliance uniting adventurers, tourists, travel agencies, & outfitters to use their economic power to strengthen human rights & protect the environment.
  Link   Flex Your Power
California's statewide energy efficiency marketing & outreach campaign. A partnership of California's utilities, residents, businesses, institutions, government agencies & nonprofit organizations working to save energy.
  Link   Global Ecovillage Network
Global confederation of people & communities that share their ideas, exchange technologies, develop cultural & educational connections, produce directories & newsletters. Dedicated to restoring the land & living "sustainable plus" lives.
  Link   GlobalGiving Green
Made up of projects that have been evaluated based on how they are positively affecting climate change & reducing greenhouse gas emissions, & as a result, have earned GlobalGiving Green's "leaf" of approval. Find a project; do more; see results.
  Link   The Go Green Initiative
A simple, comprehensive program to create a culture of environmental responsibility on school campuses: parents, students, teachers & school administrators to make real & lasting changes, protecting children & the environment for years to come.
  Link   Great Green Careers
Created by Mother Earth News to help you find work in the new green economy. All job seeker services are free. Green jobs from solar installers to ecologists. Post your resume. Set up job alerts to have job openings updates e-mailed to your inbox.
  Link   Green Collar Blog
News and resources on green collar jobs
  Link   Green Dimes (stop junk mail)
Reduces snail mail credit offers, insurance offers, sweepstakes offers, coupon mailers, charitable solicitations & retail catalogs. Though it has paid levels, the basic stop is free.
  Link   Green Guide
This website is chock-full of simple, useful, ideas, broken down into achievable steps, that make going green a gradual & affordable process rather than an all-or-nothing plunge. Maintained by the National Geographic Society.
  Link   Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator
Translates difficult to understand statements into more commonplace terms. Useful in communicating your greenhouse gas reduction strategy, reduction targets, or other initiatives aimed at reducing Greenhouse gas emissions.
  Link   GreenJobs
This site has 45,000+ registered job seekers & offers recruitment services & a directory of renewable energy companies & organizations.
  Link   Green Jobs Network
The mission of Green Jobs Network is to connect people seeking jobs that focus on environmental & social responsibility with available opportunities and resources.
  Link   Green Living Tips
Earth friendly advice for a greener planet. Reducing costs, consumption & impact on the environment.
  Link   This Green Life
A monthly green living e-mail newsletter maintained by the Natural Resources Defense Council.
  Link   Green Tech Gazette
A place where environmentalists & techies can join together for the common good. The focus of this site is green technology, presenting news, opinion, inventions & products to make our lifestyles a little greener & help out the environment.
  Link   Greywater Action
Mission: Greywater Action seeks to educate and empower people to build sustainable water culture and infrastructure. Our work: Greywater recycling, Rainwater harvesting, Composting toilets & New water cultures.
  Link   Grist.org Environmental News & Commentary
Seattle-based nonprofit providing news about green issues & sustainable living.
  Link   Ideal Bite
Runs laps in eco-sneaks, concocts DIY chem-free cleaners, & taste-tests organic mixers to find the best in green, so that you - real people leading busy lives – don’t have to. Happy Biting… Sign up now for the free daily email.
  Link   An Inconvenient Truth
Small changes to daily routine can add up to big changes in global warming. After reducing your emissions you can do even more by going carbon neutral. Supporting clean renewable energy, you can effectively neutralize your CO2 emissions.
  Link   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Established to provide decision-makers & others interested in climate change with an objective source of information about climate.
  Link   Kern County Library - Living Green
Check out these useful resources on environmental conservation and how to maintain an eco-friendly household.
  Link   Lighter Footstep
A web-based magazine dedicated to sustainable living: learning to thrive in our personal & business lives by making wiser choices.
  Link   Living Green Below Your Means
The Living Green Below Your Means column is a first-person account of the attempt to balance ecologically responsible living with a balanced budget.
  Link   Locavores
Encourages consumers to buy from farmers’ markets or even to grow or pick their own food. Local fresh products are more nutritious & taste better. Locavores also shun supermarket, since shipping food over long distances requires more fuel.
  Link   Mother Earth News
America's leading magazine about sustainable, self-reliant living for people interested in self-sufficiency, sustainability & rural lifestyles.
  Link   Natural Step
International network of sustainability experts, scientists, universities & businesses to create solutions, innovative models & tools that will lead the transition to a sustainable future.
  Link   Organic Consumers Association
Non-profit organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. Deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, kid's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade & environmental sustainability.
  Link   Path to Freedom
Founded by Jules Dervaes in 2001, Path to Freedom is a grassroots, family operated, viable urban homesteading project established to promote a simpler & more fulfilling lifestyle & reduce one family's "footprint" on the earth's dwindling resources.
  Link   Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
A service organization assisting federal & state public employees, PEER allows public servants to work as "anonymous activists" so that agencies must confront the message, rather than the messenger.
  Link   Recycling links
Extensive organized collection of links related to recycling.
  Link   Redefining Progress
Nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy organization that seeks to ensure a more sustainable & equitable world. Shifting public policy to achieve a sustainable economy, a healthy environment & a just society.
  Link   Sierra Club National Outings Program
Through 90+ service trips run each year, this Sierra Club program donates 27,000+ hours/year. Service trips range from helping with research projects at whale calving grounds in Maui to assisting with archaeological site restoration in New Mexico.
  Link   Simple Living Network
Resources, tools, examples & contacts for conscious, simple, healthy & restorative living.
  Link   The Story of Stuff
20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production & consumption patterns. It exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world.
  Link   Sundance Channel Eco-mmunity
Sundance Channel's original series BIG IDEAS FOR A SMALL PLANET profiles "green" thinkers and cutting-edge eco-designers who are redefining everyday life. This website offers more green information.
  Link   Sustain Lane
The green job listing section contains advice for recent graduates, discussion boards & job hunting tips, including tutorials on green resume-writing & networking.
  Link   Sustainable Business.com
Under the Green Dream Jobs tab, the site lists 100s of opportunities around the world. The NY site is about to launch the Green Jobs Education Directory, which will list green degree programs in the U.S.
  Link   TreeHugger
A leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. Partial to a modern aesthetic & striving to be a one-stop shop for green news, solutions & product information.
  Link   Tree Foundation of Kern
Non-profit established in 1993 dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable urban & community forestry plan in Kern County. Mission is to inspire people to enhance their neighborhoods by planting & properly caring for trees in Kern County.
  Link   Union of Concerned Scientists
Nonprofit working for a healthy environment & safer world. Combines independent scientific research & citizen action to create innovative, practical solutions to secure responsible changes in government policy, corporate practices & consumer choices.
  Link   United Nations Environment Programme
UNEP works to encourage sustainable development through sound environmental practices everywhere. Its activities cover a wide range of areas, from atmosphere & terrestrial ecosystems to the promotion of environmental science & information.
  Link   Water Footprint Calculator
The water footprint of an individual is defined as the total amount of freshwater that is used to produce the goods & services consumed by the individual as a result of its own consumption pattern & country of residence.
  Link   We Can Solve The Climate Crisis
A project of The Alliance for Climate Protection - a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Nobel laureate former Vice President Al Gore.
  Link   World Watch Institute
Concerned with the transition to an environmentally sustainable & socially just society. Offers a blend of interdisciplinary research, global focus & accessible writing on key environmental, social & economic trends.
  Link   Zero Waste California
California is a state rich in natural resources with an environment unlike any other, & those resources need to be protected. Zero Waste CA stretches beyond our previously imagined goals. It is the ultimate in environmental stewardship—& a goal we ca
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