ZSWatch - Fully Open Source Smartwatch

Fully Open Source Smartwatch built from scratch, both hardware and software.

I'm an embedded software engineer that have during my spare time for almost a year worked on this smartwatch.

I made a talk about ZSWatch with some background and details about the watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmCzV0jV9hs

Hardware features

  • nRF5340 BLE chip (u-blox NORA-B10 module).
  • 128 MHz Dual core.
  • 512 KB RAM.
  • 1 MB Flash.
  • 30 MHz SPI for display.
  • 240x240 round display with touch screen.
  • IMU Bosch BMI270, with this one it's possible to do many fancy things such as navigation using gestures and the typical smartwatch wakeup by moving the arm so the display is viewable.
  • Bosch BME688 Environmental sensor with AI.
  • Bosch BMP581 High performance pressure sensor accuracy in units of ~20cm's.
  • ST LIS2MDLTR Magnetometer.
  • Renesas AT25SL128A 16 MB external flash.
  • APDS-9306 light sensor
  • Option to not mount some sensors to save BOM cost.

There is also a dock, however this will soon be ting menu system, with easy extendability

Software features

  • Bluetooth LE communications with GadgetBridge Android app.
  • Also support Bluetooth Direction Finding so the watch can act as a tag and is trackable using any u-blox AoA antenna board
  • Different watchfaces that shows:
  • Standard stuff as time, date, battery
  • Weather
  • Step count
  • Number unread notifications
  • ...
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Application picker and app concept
  • Setting menu system, with easy extendability
  • Music control app
  • Settings app
  • Compass app
  • etc.
  • Step counting
  • Gestures
  • And much much more ...

Currently implemented watchfaces


Full information, software, design files, CAD etc. can be found on the GitHub repository https://github.com/jakkra/ZSWatch.

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Aug 24,2023
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