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Design for PCB Manufacturing
The parameters in gerber files are different from the order details online.
V-cut standard-Limited to Quick-turn PCB
Soldermask bridge
Some drills overlap the slots at GM or GKO
The outline of shape is too thick to ensure the dimension of PCB
The layout of PCB is unclear
Solder mask layer is opening entirely
Gerber files are not completed
Route Process in panel file
Several gerber files have in your order
Solder mask file is empty or None
Stackup information
The tab route is smaller than 1.6mm
V-scoring line/Slot in silkscreen layer
Some Issues concerning BGA(Ball Grid Array)
Design has no silkscreen layer but online is yes with silkscreen
Please clarify 1-layer or 2-layer
Requirement about castellated holes
The distance between the trace and board outline is less than 0.25mm
The holes is in the trace and it will cause open circuit
The are some pads out of the board outline
Two silkscreen files in your gerber file
Line/Shapes in GM layer
UL Marking
Legends on Copper layer
No Gold fingers design in file
Drills hurt the circuit
No Drills in your file
Legend on every layer
Soldermask opening for Gold fingers
Remark for drills is not fitted with the actual drill table in file
BGA pad opening
Board outline design standard
The holes design standard
There is only top solder mask layer in your file
Without D-code
Spiral coil board
the spacing requirement from slot to copper trace
Edge plating
the spacing requirement from hole to the edge of board
The spacing from one hole to another is too narrow
It is wrong that copper traces are solder mask opening
pls confirm whether solid rectangle area should be made as slot or not
The requirement of beveling on gold finger area
all the holes are with the same size
stamp holes standard
the hole limitation for single-side Aluminum boards
the spacing from hole to trace
limited holes spacing
the bottom silkscreen is mirrored
Do you need round holes or slots holes made?
Mask openings are smaller than copper pads
notes in the order are different from the designs in the files
do not design texts on the copper layer
drills are not matched with pads
Negative or positive inner layer
Silkscreen standard size
silkscreen size and spacing in solder mask layer
Remark on rectangle slot
How to regard GPT or GTP
Negative legends in copper layer
Slot in oval pads
Which layer to put round or any shape of cutout
There do not have fiducial marks or tooling holes on break away rails
There is no stamp holes on tab routing
The non plated holes break traces
No layer orders for multi layers boards
There is no solder mask openings on some pads
The layer order information you filled online doesn’t match the name suffix in gerber file
There are no drills in the areas pointed with arrows
Solder mask opening of some pads is too much which cause copper open as well
PCB file you uploaded seems the production file, not the original PCB file
Negative legend dimension is too small for production
How to design cutout or big hole
NPTH design rule
Slots standard size - Limited to Quick-turn PCB
Confirm the panel way of the boards
Vias process of design is different from order details option
The castellated holes are partial set in outline instead of in the center for common designs
min non-plated holes
silkscreen over pads
Spacing between silkscreen and openings
Copper line and the pad are not connected
Break lines exist in your file
Instructions and methods for panel PCB & FPC flexible PCB
Why is production PCB compensation necessary